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About Matthew Teeple

Matt Teeple is an Orange County, California-based Executive Advisor, coach, and startup specialist

Matthew Teeple

About Matthew Teeple Scholarship

Matt Teeple is an Orange County, California-based Executive Advisor, coach, and startup specialist. He attended UC Santa Barbara, graduating with a bachelor’s degree in business administration.

Matt’s career kick-started as Director of Sales for San Francisco based Riverstone Networks. He moved to Field Check Group in 2003 as Partner in charge of emerging technology trend research. In 2007, he joined Artis Capital Management LP as Senior Analyst, specializing in driving research related to consumer technology, semiconductors, and data center infrastructure.

Currently, Matt serves as Executive Advisor to the founders of Versa Networks. In addition, he is Managing Partner at technology startup advisory Multiplier Partners. Finally, he is the GTM Strategy Advisor at Strata Identity.

Matthew Teeple has gained tremendous experience building startups and early-stage ventures that drive sales and business development processes. With an excellent track record and a powerful network comprising leaders and experts in the technology industry, he has the expertise and experience to build teams with winning cultures.

Over the years, Matt has been endorsed by several colleagues and companies he has worked with/for in market strategy development, business development, entrepreneurship, emerging technology research, and executive-level management. He is known to be a highly supportive and engaging professional. To date, he has helped many tech startups deliver innovative solutions to their target audiences.

With a packed schedule, Matt still finds time to serve his community in various ways. Since 2012, he has worked with Splash Foundation, helping to raise funds, hire teachers and improve IT infrastructure at San Clemente based Concordia Elementary School. In addition, he is a long-time and active participant in Youth Sports, specifically as a coach for local San Clemente community sports leagues.