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Your Ultimate Guide to Life Coaching by Matthew Teeple

Life Coaching

Coaching young adults is a great way to help them improve their lives. As a coach, you are required to work very closely with them, understand their goals, and then guide them in a way that allows them to move a step closer to their goals every day. The idea is to work towards it through motivation and continuous improvement slowly. In this guide, Matt Teeple takes you through a few tips that can help you coach young adults.

Tips to Coach Young Adults by Matthew Teeple

Here is how you can coach young adults.

1.     Listen Carefully

The first step is listening carefully to what they have to say. You can only provide guidance once you know what they are saying. You need to try to understand their goals, where they see themselves a few years later, and what obstacles they face.

2.     Have a Vision

You need to develop a vision for them, then. As a coach, you are required to help them find their way through things easily, and that can only happen when you devise a vision for them based on what they want. Communicate with them openly and let them understand your vision for them. Doing that allows you to be on the same page with them, which is crucial for their growth.

3.     Clarify Expectations

Clearly put forth your expectations to them. They will only be able to work with you when they understand what you want for them. But also understand that you are not supposed to put any extra pressure on them as a coach. You are there to facilitate them. The last thing you should be doing is making their lives stressful. Be very clear when having conversations with them, so you truly understand expectations.

4.     Build Rapport

Slowly, after you work together, you have to build rapport. Understand that this relationship will only be conducive to growth when you develop a healthy relationship with each other. The one who is being coached should be able to talk to you about anything at all. That is when this relationship will help both of you grow.

5.     Develop Trust

Try to develop a relationship in which there is a lot of trust. Matthew Teeple says that you can only coach a person when you know everything about them successfully. They will only share everything with you when they trust you and have that level of understanding with you as well.

6.     Have Fun

While at it, make your coaching sessions as fun as possible. It shouldn’t seem like a boring session when you are the one doing all the talking. You should develop a relationship where both of you have a lot of fun with each other.

Final Words by Matt Teeple

With these valuable coaching tips, you will be able to build a solid relationship with the ones you are coaching. With a focus on continuous improvement, you will get better over time.